Friday, September 26, 2008



Of all the people for this to happen to I never in a million years thought I would fall for it.

This morning as Kiley was painting (the inside of the house) someone called claiming they were from citibank. They stated that they recieved a payment for a citiflex credit card from my hubby and that it was .30 Cents short and that we incurred a late fee. At that point I should have hung up the phone. Instead I began to argue with them telling the person that we did not have a card with citibank and we traded information back and forth. Meaning they gave me bogus information about the person I thought had opeded a credit card in Brian's name as I acted like a dummy and actually gave them Brian's real info.


As I look back on the conversation I think to myself that I was a fool! I was unaware as to what I was doing. The person got of the phone with me and probably laughed. OHHH, I am so mad I could spit!


I called Brian right after it happen and gave him the number, thinking someone had opened a card in his name. He tried to call and it was a nonworking number. He looked the number up on google and you bet it says it is a scam!!! Somehow they put a forward on the number so that if you call it then you really do get citibank, but there is no record of the account.

Here is the number : 866-422-7941

I put the number in here several times so everyone now has the number and does not make the same mistake I just made. PLEASE, PLEASE remember it!

I had to spend all morning and afternoon on the phone with every credit card company as well as Experian, Equifax and transunion in order to put fraud alerts on everything. It was time consuming and very frustrating!

Be safe and don't give personal info to anyone!

Pray for those who got our info that they wont use it!!! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we are!

So I checked out of the blog world for a little while. You know life gets a hold of you (I really mean my kids) we have been so busy lately and it seems like the only time I get is either late at night when I am too tired or during their nap when I have so much other stuff to be doing. But, I am working on the whole time management thing. Unfortunately I will probably always be working on it with of course the hopes that one day I will be better. I am so glad I have friends that know how to bug me enough (lovingly of course) so that I will find the time to post.

So, ok here are some of the fun events the girls have been involved in over the last couple weeks:

Leas first experience with Jello... Oh, and using a spoon!

Ok so the next two pictures tell their own story. If you have a sibling then you can tell what happen. For those of you who do not have a sibling, I am sorry you never got to experience what it feels like to have them make you their human canvas.

Haylie and Kiley just love each other so much...

We took a day trip to Apple Hill last week and we had so much fun. A ton of the place were closed but there were enough open that we were still able to see some ducks, get pony rides and of course buy some delicious apples.

Kiley found a friend when we first got there and would not leave her alone. She wanted to play ring around the rosey over and over again. Here is a picture of her and her new friend. She is such a friendly little cutie pie, isn't she?
Water Park to beat the heat.

Sleep over with Haylie. The girls had so much fun!

The girls love going in the jeep so we started going for rides on days when it is not to hot. Most of the time they just like to play in and through it. But here is a picture of them after church one day.
Ok, so when I said I was cleaning and doing other things...what I really meant was I was taking naps with the Kiley (this actually happens very rarely). Brian came home for work one day and caught me snoozing. If you don't know Kiley does not take a nap very easy. So every once and a while I will lay down with her and pretend to be asleep until she falls asleep. Well, this time sleep got the better of me.

Brian won tickets to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at Raley Field. It was a very interesting concert to be a part of and not one I would like to attend again.

This is the first time Lea had enough hair to put in piggy tales.

Kiley was mad because she was in time out....oh that is a mean face.

I think I am going to end there, I hope that you have enjoyed the array of pictures. There will be more to come...stay tuned!