Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sister Love...Yeah Right!

I have posted about this before but it is becoming worse and worse. My two lovely little punkins are at each others throats. I know that there is some way to keep my sanity I just have not figured out how. Especially when Kiley, through her actions, makes Lea bleed, gives her a huge bruise on her face or hurt herself in some way at least once a day. Usually when the phone rings I hear a voice on the line but because my beautiful children are fighting I can't make out the actual words.

I love my children and I know that I am not the only one.
I know that many women have gone through this in the past and I know I will get through it I am just wondering if I will stay sane. Is that why most of us thought our Moms were silly when we were in high school or was that just me. Love ya MOM!
In church this morning we talked about the Developmental stages of children and of course sibling rivalry reared its ugly head. It was discussed that there is no stage and that it is always present so, what I am wondering is:
Is it ever going to end?
Am I the only one?
How do I help or hurt the situations? (besides praying because you know I am doing tons of that)
and for my final question:
I know that there are moms that have more than two kids (Christine), which is a huge handful, but how do you do it (Keep your sanity that is)? and What is the secret if there is one?