Friday, October 14, 2011

Lea known as LeLa

Lea has grown up so much over the last couple months. Since Kiley is in school from 8-2 everyday Lea has become such a good helper. Her relationship with her brother Ben has gotten stronger and she is listening better. She is such a joy to be around and has such a loving heart.

1.) This is a picture of my new niece and Lea. My niece was born about a month ago and she is so cute. Lea was in love with her and wanted to hold her all the time. Lea can't wait to be able to snuggle her again soon.

2.) Almost everyday since we arrived in LA Lea has been in our backyard riding her bike around and around the fountain we have. She has gotten so good at riding I am shocked at her skills. She falls every once and a while and after she does she just gets back up brushes her self off and tries again. She was so determined to learn how to ride it was amazing to watch her. Everyday she gets better and better. One day we were driving and Lea saw a girl about 8years old riding a bike with her mom and the little girl stood up on her bike and was pedalling. When we got home Lea went straight to the backyard and started trying to ride standing up. After a few tries and a couple scratches Lea accomplished her goal. I love to watch her when she is determined to master something. I am so proud of her when she final gets it down.

3.) Lea changes her outfit about 10 times a day. One of the outfits she likes to put on is her ladybug costume from last year. She loves to try it on and then dance around the house. She has the cutest little face. One day I will get her to stop with the outfit changes but for now I will just keep taking pictures.

4.) I believe that I am getting pay back from my childhood. So, now I will explain. When I was young I was a major handful from climbing trees and getting stuck to fighting with kids and getting kicked out of preschool. Now, thankfully Lea is not as bad as I was but there are many things that are the same and one of them is Leas love for climbing. She will climb anything and everything. One day when she was 10 months old I found her in the middle of the table. I love the spirit and excitement in her smile when she climbs a tree or a fence. This picture was taken outside First Covenant Church. She was so excited she did not want to come down.

5.) I love this picture it just shows the silly side of Lela.