Friday, October 14, 2011

Lea known as LeLa

Lea has grown up so much over the last couple months. Since Kiley is in school from 8-2 everyday Lea has become such a good helper. Her relationship with her brother Ben has gotten stronger and she is listening better. She is such a joy to be around and has such a loving heart.

1.) This is a picture of my new niece and Lea. My niece was born about a month ago and she is so cute. Lea was in love with her and wanted to hold her all the time. Lea can't wait to be able to snuggle her again soon.

2.) Almost everyday since we arrived in LA Lea has been in our backyard riding her bike around and around the fountain we have. She has gotten so good at riding I am shocked at her skills. She falls every once and a while and after she does she just gets back up brushes her self off and tries again. She was so determined to learn how to ride it was amazing to watch her. Everyday she gets better and better. One day we were driving and Lea saw a girl about 8years old riding a bike with her mom and the little girl stood up on her bike and was pedalling. When we got home Lea went straight to the backyard and started trying to ride standing up. After a few tries and a couple scratches Lea accomplished her goal. I love to watch her when she is determined to master something. I am so proud of her when she final gets it down.

3.) Lea changes her outfit about 10 times a day. One of the outfits she likes to put on is her ladybug costume from last year. She loves to try it on and then dance around the house. She has the cutest little face. One day I will get her to stop with the outfit changes but for now I will just keep taking pictures.

4.) I believe that I am getting pay back from my childhood. So, now I will explain. When I was young I was a major handful from climbing trees and getting stuck to fighting with kids and getting kicked out of preschool. Now, thankfully Lea is not as bad as I was but there are many things that are the same and one of them is Leas love for climbing. She will climb anything and everything. One day when she was 10 months old I found her in the middle of the table. I love the spirit and excitement in her smile when she climbs a tree or a fence. This picture was taken outside First Covenant Church. She was so excited she did not want to come down.

5.) I love this picture it just shows the silly side of Lela.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Instead of doing multiple posts I just figured I would do per child. Here are a few fun things we have done over the last couple months.

1.) Ben and I are so proud of that red motorcycle. Ben and I found that at Walmart for $10. What a deal! We got it home and I put it together. I was sceptical that I was going to be able to do it but I actually read and followed the directions which I normally don't do. Once I had it put together Ben was so excited he zoomed around the house all day long. He has such a huge fascination with motorcycles.

2.) This picture was taken after one of the worst afternoons ever! We decided to walk to Kiley's school to pick her up. It is only about 6 long blocks away we had done it before and it was not fun but thought this time would be different. It was not hot but I brought water for the kids just in case. One of the streets we have to cross is a major street and then we have to walk down that street 2 blocks. So I put Ben and Maverick in the Jogging stroller, Lea rode her two wheeler (which I will post the video of her riding later) and we put a scooter on the stroller for Kiley. Oh and I had Roxy attached to the stroller. We set off! The ride there was perfect no problems. Once we got there I met a really nice Christian mom who has children about the same age as me it was great. We picked up Kiley and then started back we were in front of Kiley's school and she was riding her scooter in front. She all the sudden stopped and in order to avoid smashing into her I swerved to the right into gravel. Well, apparently mixed in the gravel was thousands of thorns the size of a quarter. They covered the three tires of the stroller and as i tried to push the stroller they just dug in further. So, I got the bright idea to start pulling them out. DUH! All the tires obviously popped and now we were stuck. The stroller would no longer move.
To finish my story we sat on a patch of grass for about 20mins so that I could calm down and prepare for the walk home. It took us an hr and 15mins to get home. Our stroller is now ruined but the good part of it all was that the kids were so exhausted from the walk (because all of them had to walk including Ben but not mavy hehe) that they all took a nap!

3.) This is one of my favorite pictures from the last two months. We met some friends (the Pena's) in long beach for some fun in the sun! Trisha made Ben into a mermaid and the kids played in the sun all day. The kids had a blast and it was so nice to see some friends from home!

4.) This is Ben on his birthday. Since we were not in sac for his bday we had just a small little party with some of the new people that we had met. It was a blast getting to know new friends. We also had an old friend of mine that was there too. It was an enjoyable night. You can tell Ben was happy by the ice cream on his face!

5.) We WERE (story for another day) potty training Ben and one of the things he liked to do was pee in the grass. I was shocked since I don't have any brothers but from what I found out is that this is a common thing for little boys.

Well, this is some of the things that Ben has been up to. I will update Lea next!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maverick is Growing

Maverick has been all smiles the past couple weeks. He is getting so big so fast.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Big Move-In and Unpacking

Brian had two weeks off so we were able to unpack most of our belongings. I also had a wonderful friend come with us to help with whatever was needed, it was so sweet of her. At one point we lost Ben, I found him sitting behind a bunch of boxes doing some unpacking of his own.

A New Adventure

I have not posted in quite sometime. I tried facebook and have not done very well. I figured since I had this blog set up I would start posting again. I really enjoyed doing it when I had the time but with the growth of our family my time became focused on them and not on the computer.

Just to give a quick update since the last time I posted I have had two more kids and we are now living in Whittier CA. Crazy! I never thought I would live anywhere but Sacramento. I guess you truely never know what God has in store for your life. We picked up our family of six and moved to LA for my husband Brian to attend Biola University. He is enjoying school and has learned more in the last three weeks than he has in the last three years. I am enjoying the nieghborhood much better than our previous one. It is so quite no lightrail, transients or traffic. FABULOUS!

The next couple post are going to be about our arrival here in LA. I am going to start with the picture of our house and about the funny pictures I took along the way to get to where we are now.