Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We'll be comin around the mountain when we come

Ok, so you might be wondering what the title of this post means, well it means that we are on our way to the mountains, MONTANA to be exact. Brian took off work, Lea is feeling some what better and now we are taking a 20 hour car ride to visit some of Brian's family.

The last time we went Kiley was only 5 months old. We drove with Brian's mom, all of his siblings and Mikey's girlfriend Christina. Kiley actually did better then anyone else in the car. She only cried twice. My biggest fear is that this car ride is going to be miserable.

This time it is only Brian and I and the girls. So, we only have two adults able to drive instead of seven. Lea hates the car even if we only drive down the street she will scream the entire way. Kiley is potty training or is potty trained (whatever you want to call it) so we will have to stop at least every hour and a half for her to go potty. So we figured that we will try and take our time and we will most likely have to stop a ton but I think we are ready to face the adventure. Oh, yeah I am not a huge fan of drugging our children but I heard that benadryl works to calm a child down so I have some just in case.

Please pray that we have a safe trip on the way there and back. Oh, and that Brian and I do not strangle each other and instead we can enjoy the 20 hours we have to spend alone as a family.

I will TRY and post at least twice while we are gone. I am sorry in advance if I just don't get around to it because I don't really know exactly what we are going to be doing. If I don't then I will obviously update when we get back in July.

Have a great 4th....know Brian will (nothing is illegal in Montana).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busiest weekend of our lives

Last weekend we had a super busy weekend...brace yourself!

Friday night my best friend Dena and my hubby planned a surprise dinner for me at Cattlemen's (I love that place) then we went to TGI Friday's after the party for a quick drink with some friends from high school. We all have birthday's in June so we usually celebrate together. Then Saturday morning we woke up early and had a big party for Lea. We had a big Dora bounce house, water balloons (thanks to Kevin and Amanda), pool, squirt guns and lots of food. Then the girls got a short nap while Brian waited until 4:30 for the guy to pick up the bounce house. We rushed to see our friends son get dedicated at thier church in Folsom.. We got home around 8:30 ish and we all went to sleep. We woke up early again Sunday and it was Lea and James' turn to be dedicated at our church. We went to my sister's house afterwards for a big party to celebrate the dedication, Father's day and Raider's birthday. WOW it was a busy weekend here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy....

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am back!

I have been absent for a while sorry to those who have been checking up on the blog. I lost the part to my camera that the memory card goes into. I finally found it and now I have a moment to sit down and update everyone as to what has been going on in our lives. Here are a few things!
First-a doctor update for Lea:

Lea finally saw a specialist for her problems. The specialist determined that she has reflux, cow's milk allergy cells built up on the lining of her stomach and gave us a lab slip to run some other tests. We feel very happy that she is actually being taken care of. I just know it is partly my fault because I took so long to switch doctor's (Thanks Danielle for continually talking about it and pushing me to change). I know that Lea is going to get the care that she needs and hopefully by age four she will out grow this (that is what the specialist said). Untill the we will take it one day at a time and try our best to not have her lose weight.

Second-What we have been up to:

We have done so many activities in the last couple weeks. I will put a couple pictures from each event that happen. I will try to keep it short...

We went to infineon race way to see the the wine country classic races. We had a great time. We were a little concerned it would be loud but it was not bad at all. They also had a play ground there. The girls had a really fun time.

Brian found out that one Saturday a couple weeks ago it was a free fishing day so that morning they got up and Brian took Kiley fishing. The pictures turned out totally cute. It looks like they had a good time.

Because it has been so warm we have been driving the jeep more often. The girls love it especially Lea. She squeks the entire time we drive. It is really cute.

I want to finish this entry with everyone laughing so here is, what I think, the funniest picture ever. Kiley decided to try on Brian's thermals. She is a riot!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My sister and I went to funderland yesterday we had such a great time, I think she was right I might have had more fun then the kids.....

For pictures see her blog


Doctor Update!

This morning Lea, Kiley and I went to see a pediatrician. This was an enlightening experience. This doctor was in depth about her questions and seemed to have better information than I have been getting. I believe as if she is going to follow through with making sure that Lea gets the care that she needs (instead of making a diagnosis and then forgetting about her). The doctor's assistant was extremely nice too, she even gave me a hug. I left her office feeling like they really cared and that I got some of the answers to my questions.

I think one of the things I was expressing to Brian is that I am expecting for a doctor to meet me at some emotional level. What I have been forgetting is that they are trained to keep their emotions out of their work. So, that is why they hire loving assistants to take care of that for them. For now I am going to stick with her and I will pray that she works out for our family.

I appreciate everyone who prayed that we would find some help. I am sometimes not really good with change but I am hopefully optimistic (like I usually try and be) that this new doctor will all work out for the best. Plus, she is only about 10 mins from our house. Our other doctor was 45 mins, what a relief!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Doctor Trouble

When I became a Mom I figured that my doctor would treat me kids ouchies the way that I do, with care, concern, empathy and as their number one priority. Oh boy was I wrong! Let me preface this with saying my doctor is amazing. He is very good at what he does and I have no doubt in the world that if something was majorly wrong with one of our kids he would take fabulous care of them.
I am not going to go into detail of what I have been dealing with since Lea has been born so if you want to know then you can ask me but for now I believe I am just going to vent. I just have not decided who I am more angry with my doctor, the office or the insurance we have.
I know their are other kids that have way more problems than my kids. In fact, I should be counting my blessings that my kids are as healthy as they are. But, for some reason all I can do is be frustrated that I have been pushed aside as if nothing is wrong, when I know something is not right.
I know that the medical field is not an easy field to work in and I am sure that some parents can be the doctor's worst nightmare so here are my questions. When do the parents and the doctor's start to work together as a team for the child? Does it have to be a major illness before this happens? or is this something that does not happen any more? Are pediatricians better for kids than a family doctor? (I am sure this question has been debated for years)
As of now I am done. I am at the end of my rope and I am not sure where to go from here. I am not getting any help (so I feel). I am fighting this battle for my child on my own. My answer so far has been oh we think this is wrong lets give her medicine. Wrong! I am not going to put my child on medicine because you have a guess. If I agreed with the guess then maybe, but I don't. I know that something else is wrong.
In the meantime my daughter is still having issues and I will still try and be the best advocate for her I can. So, if I can enlist every ones help to pray for our family especially Lea that either she will grow out of what is causing her problems or that the doctors can give us a definite answer as to what is wrong.